Unifying darko-lepto-genesis with scalar triplet inflation

Chiara Arina, Jinn Ouk Gong, Narendra Sahu

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We present a scalar triplet extension of the standard model to unify the origin of inflation with neutrino mass, asymmetric dark matter and leptogenesis. In presence of non-minimal couplings to gravity the scalar triplet, mixed with the standard model Higgs, plays the role of inflaton in the early Universe, while its decay to SM Higgs, lepton and dark matter simultaneously generate an asymmetry in the visible and dark matter sectors. On the other hand, in the low energy effective theory the induced vacuum expectation value of the triplet gives sub-eV Majorana masses to active neutrinos. We investigate the model parameter space leading to successful inflation as well as the observed dark matter to baryon abundance. Assuming the standard model like Higgs mass to be at 125-126 GeV, we found that the mass scale of the scalar triplet to be ≲O(10 9)GeV and its trilinear coupling to doublet Higgs is ≲0.09 so that it not only evades the possibility of having a metastable vacuum in the standard model, but also lead to a rich phenomenological consequences as stated above. Moreover, we found that the scalar triplet inflation strongly constrains the quartic couplings, while allowing for a wide range of Yukawa couplings which generate the CP asymmetries in the visible and dark matter sectors.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)430-460
Number of pages31
JournalNuclear Physics, Section B
Issue number3
StatePublished - 21 Dec 2012

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Funding Information:
C.A. acknowledges use of the cosmo computing resource at CP3 of Louvain University. J.G. is partially supported by a Korean–CERN Fellowship .


  • Baryon asymmetry
  • Cosmology of theories beyond the SM
  • Dark matter theory
  • Inflation
  • Leptogenesis
  • Particle physics-cosmology connection


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