The works of Naomi Filmer with reference to ecological insights

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Background Naomi Filmer is famous for her works which involve experimental contact points between a human body and space. She is widely known as a representative modern jewelry designer who not only pursues new fashion but also proposes an entirely unique method for situating a human body in space. This study suggests ecological insights as implications in her works and also concretely shows the characteristics of Filmer's design and her ecological insights. Methods For these purposes, this study uses two methods. First, it was very essential to collect and analyze diverse images of Filmer's representative works. From her early works in the 1990s, when she was at the Royal College of Art, to recent ones, this paper widely deals with images, texts, lectures and interviews of her works. Second, figuring out the exact concept of ecological insight relevant to modern design is required to establish a basis of the analysis of Filmer's works. Results A view of the characteristics of Filmer's design revealed that there are very unique features in terms of shape, material and attitude. For example, she explores negative space, uses fragile materials and expresses inevitable contact in the process of her design. From the viewpoint of ecological insights, there are three representative characteristics of Filmer's works: the nondiscriminatory respect for a human body; the focus on the relationship between media and substances, humans and space; and a consistent attitude and development in order to show the perception and experiences of life through her works. Conclusions Naomi Filmer's remarkable trait as a designer is that instead of focusing on decorating a human body, she respects and admires the body itself. In this way, she can express her ecological insights more deeply. In addition, she has realized that all things made by a human body are the objects of sensory perceptional experiences which deserve attention all the time. There have been many studies about designers' thinking or considerations on their times. This study can be one meaningful example that suggests an influential methodology to investigate the ideological origin of modern design through the analysis of Filmer's works.

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JournalArchives of Design Research
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StatePublished - 1 May 2018

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  • Body adornment
  • Ecology
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry design
  • Naomi Filmer


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