The fashion images and narratives of Gosha Rubchinskiy

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Background Gosha Rubchinskiy, who is known as a representative delivering new aesthetics in the field of fashion and a multidisciplinary storyteller, attracts attention because of not only his special fashion collection but also a series of photograph collections. This research focuses on his narratives of photographs and finds a fundamental understanding of his image works. Methods This paper reviews the concepts and viewpoints of the basics of narrative in order to investigate his narratives of fashion images and develops these works to become the background of the analysis on Rubchinskiy's fashion images and narratives. The major research objects are three magazines and five photo books, which are known as his representative publications by many news articles. Analyzing these materials, this research figures out a topic as a source of his fashion images and narratives and observes the aspect of his narratives. Results As the results of the analysis on the origin of his narratives since 2009, there are three major topics: the energy of anti-socialism in the 1990s, youth generation and subculture, and new Russian globalism. Rubchinskiy continuously introduces the real lives of young Russians on the basis of these three narratives. In addition, his narratives represent three aspects: fact-based narratives, sensory experience-oriented narratives, and discourse-making narratives. These aspects derive an analysis on his fashion images and narratives in terms of concepts and classifications. Conclusions The expression of fashion images in the world of creative fashion design requires the discovery of a new sense of beauty. Rubchinskiy is a designer who shows his distinctive identity by fashion images containing his constant narratives. His images and narratives talk about the beauty of splendid youth and evoke cultural discourses. The appearance of new fashion images and narratives like Rubchinskiy's will create a greater wave of change and have a stronger effect on the world of fashion in the future.

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JournalArchives of Design Research
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