The electronic properties of Co nanowires on Cu(110)-p(2 × 3)N

Sebastian Wedekind, Fabio Donati, Hirofumi Oka, Guillemin Rodary, Dirk Sander, Jürgen Kirschner

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We present the first measurements of the differential conductance of Co wires grown on top of Cu(110)-p(2 × 3)N (Cu 3N). We apply scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) in constant height and constant current mode to access the electronic density of states of the sample over a wide energy range. All measurements have been performed at 7 K. Our study reveals that the differential conductance of the Co wires is very similar to that of Cu 3N. Spectra of the differential conductance measured on the Co wires and on Cu 3N reveal that both systems exhibit the same characteristic features near + 1.8V and + 3.5 V.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1577-1580
Number of pages4
JournalSurface Science
Issue number21-22
StatePublished - Nov 2012


  • Cu N network
  • Electron density of states surfaces and interfaces
  • Nanowires
  • Scanning tunneling microscopy
  • Scanning tunneling spectroscopy
  • STM in study of surface structure


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