The application of anti- bullying smartphone apps forpreventing bullying in South Korea

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Smartphone apps provide new platforms for students to cope with bullying more effectively. Recently, a variety of anti-bullying smartphone apps have been developed to decrease bullying. This chapter introduces two types of anti-bullying apps which have been widely used in Korea. The first is "117 Chat” which is a secured reporting app for students to notify a bullying situation to a school police officer. The "117 Chat” was developed by Metropolitan Police Agency and it has been used since 2013 in Korea. It also provides victims with 24-hour chatting services. The second is “Cyberbullying Vaccine” in which people virtually experience cyberbullying as the victims, so that they recognize the significant impact of cyberbullying. The users are cyberbullied by three types of bullying such as Kakao Talk, Facebook, and smartphone message. These apps help people realize the significant impact of cyberbullying, so that they become active agents to protect against and decrease cyberbullying. In addition to those apps mentioned above, various apps protecting students from harmful media were required to be installed based on the Youth Protection Act. The apps provided by mobile telecommunication companies or the Ministry of Education were introduced and the advantages and disadvantages of such protective apps were explained. This chapter introduces the characteristics, effectiveness, and limitations of the various types of anti-bullying smartphone apps.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2020

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