Synthesis and MMP-inhibitory activity of gelastatin analogues

Ju Hee Cho, Soo Y. Ko, Eugene Oh, Jae C. Park, Ji U. Yoo

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Gelastatin A and B, isolated from culture broth of Westerdykella multispora F 50733, have been reported to exhibit MMP-inhibitory activities at a sub-micromolar level. In an effort to exploit this lead, we synthesized gelastatin analogues in which the conjugated triene unit of natural gelastatins was replaced by the benzylidene group. The (Z)-isomeric synthetic benzylidene-gelastatin exhibited MMP-inhibitory activities comparable to those reported for the natural products. Therefore, this compound appears to be a viable lead in searching for therapeutically useful MMP inhibitors.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3994-3999
Number of pages6
JournalHelvetica Chimica Acta
Issue number11
StatePublished - 2002


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