Supercategorification of quantum Kac-Moody algebras II

Seok Jin Kang, Masaki Kashiwara, Se jin Oh

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In this paper, we investigate the supercategories consisting of supermodules over quiver Hecke superalgebras and cyclotomic quiver Hecke superalgebras. We prove that these supercategories provide a supercategorification of a certain family of quantum superalgebras and their integrable highest weight modules. We show that, by taking a specialization, we obtain a supercategorification of quantum Kac-Moody superalgebras and their integrable highest weight modules.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)169-240
Number of pages72
JournalAdvances in Mathematics
StatePublished - 10 Nov 2014


  • Categorification
  • Cyclotomic quotient
  • Quantum Kac-Moody superalgebras
  • Quiver Hecke superalgebras


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