Structural and seismic performance of RC columns with L-shaped hoop details

Y. H. Choi, Y. K. Lee, Y. J. Chun, H. S. Kim, Y. S. Shin

Research output: Contribution to journalConference articlepeer-review


This paper aims at developing L-shaped hoop detail and evaluating structural and seismic performance of reinforced concrete columns when the developed hoop detail is applied. L-shaped hoop is introduced in this study to save construction time period by improving constructability. RC columns are fabricated having test parameters of concrete strength (24MPa and 35MPa) and hoop details (general hoop and L-shaped hoop). Axial and seismic loading tests are performed, and the test results of maximum column strength and load-strain curve of the column are similar regardless of hoop types. In addition, seismic test results show that hysteresis loops and energy dissipation capacity of the column specimens using two different hoop types (general hoop and L-shaped hoop) are similar.

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