Strategies Toward High Selectivity, Activity, and Stability of Single-Atom Catalysts

Yujing Ren, Jinyong Wang, Mingyue Zhang, Yuqing Wang, Yuan Cao, Dong Ha Kim, Yan Liu, Zhiqun Lin

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Single-atom catalysts (SACs) hold immense promise in facilitating the rational use of metal resources and achieving atomic economy due to their exceptional atom-utilization efficiency and distinct characteristics. Despite the growing interest in SACs, only limited reviews have holistically summarized their advancements centering on performance metrics. In this review, first, a thorough overview on the research progress in SACs is presented from a performance perspective and the strategies, advancements, and intriguing approaches employed to enhance the critical attributes in SACs are discussed. Subsequently, a comprehensive summary and critical analysis of the electrochemical applications of SACs are provided, with a particular focus on their efficacy in the oxygen reduction reaction, oxygen evolution reaction, hydrogen evolution reaction, CO2 reduction reaction, and N2 reduction reaction. Finally, the outline future research directions on SACs by concentrating on performance-driven investigation, where potential areas for improvement are identified and promising avenues for further study are highlighted, addressing challenges to unlock the full potential of SACs as high-performance catalysts.

Original languageEnglish
StateAccepted/In press - 2024

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  • activity
  • energy applications
  • selectivity
  • single-atom catalysts
  • stability


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