Response to the 2023 Human Security Policy Forum

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The February 2022 UNDP Special Report (SR) on Human Security, “New threats to human security in the Anthropocene: Demanding greater solidarity” marked a welcome return by the UN body to the field in which, in 1994, it had provided the seminal text. The SR stimulated a great deal of academic and policy debate, featuring prominently in the HDCA Human Security Thematic Group’s sessions at the 2022 HDCA Antwerp conference. Conversations between the UNDP HDRO and HDCA led to the 2023 Human Security Policy Forum published in the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. The papers produced in this forum have emphasised a broadening of the human security discourse and policy prescription to consider the SR’s additional focus on the Anthropocene, agency, and solidarity. Several of the papers have also drawn attention to the interconnectivity of threats and spillover between them. While there is consensus among the papers on these issues, they are limited in the extent to which they address how such foci also lead to contestation, how they are situated in the wider policy discourse, and how they might best be operationalised. This paper revisits these discussions, adding additional insight on these points of reference.

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JournalJournal of Human Development and Capabilities
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StatePublished - 2024

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  • Human security
  • UNDP Special Report
  • agency
  • anthropocene
  • solidarity
  • spillover


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