Requirements Analysis for Development of Off-Site Construction Project Management System: Focusing on Precast Concrete Construction

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There has been increasing interest in the off-site construction (OSC) method in response to issues such as stagnant labor productivity, shortage of skilled workers, challenging site management, heightened safety and health-related regulations, and the push for carbon neutrality. Although efficient performance of an OSC project requires development of management techniques, and application of a management system that reflects the characteristics of the OSC projects, related technologies remain in their infancy. In this study, targeting precast concrete (PC) construction, which is one of the representative construction types of the OSC method, we derive the characteristics of OSC project management in six aspects: production place and time, production process, production method of construction, production method, production entity and facilities, and production environment. Based on this result, we further derived the requirements for developing an OSC project management system. Furthermore, based on the derived requirements, we constructed a system development scenario for the establishment of an installation plan and shipment requests. The managerial characteristics and requirements of the OSC project, presented in this study, provide the theoretical basis for developing OSC project management techniques, as well as guidance for the development of the OSC project management system in the future.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1499
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 2022

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This work is supported by the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) grant funded by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Grant 22ORPS-B158109-03).

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  • construction management
  • off-site construction
  • prefabrication
  • project management system
  • requirement engineering


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