Performance of an Abbreviated Lubben Social Network Scale (LSNS-6) in Three Ethnic Groups of Older Asian Americans

Yuri Jang, Daniel A. Powers, Nan Sook Park, David A. Chiriboga, Iris Chi, James Lubben

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Background and Objectives: The present study examined the measurement quality and performance of an abbreviated Lubben Social Network Scale (LSNS-6) in three ethnic groups (Chinese, Koreans, and Vietnamese) of older Asian Americans, addressing both within- and cross-group validations. Research Design and Methods: We selected 605 participants aged 50 or older (242 Chinese, 150 Koreans, and 213 Vietnamese) from the 2015 Asian American Quality of Life survey, conducted with self-identified Asian Americans aged 18 or above living in central Texas. We analyzed LSNS-6 data on measurement qualities (internal consistency and corrected item-total correlation), dimensionality (exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses), and correlations with other indicators. Results: LSNS-6 showed very good internal consistency in each ethnic group, and the two-factor structure of family and friends were invariant across the groups. The items on friends demonstrated greater homogeneity than those on family and emerged as a first factor. Both subscale and total scores of LSNS-6 were associated in expected directions with the social and health indicators considered. Discussion and Implications: The findings confirm the measurement qualities of LSNS-6 within each group and provide support for measurement invariance across the groups. While the observed difference in family and friend networks warrants further investigation, LSNS-6 serves as a viable option for the assessment of social networks. When using LSNS-6 with older Asian Americans, it is highly recommended to use the family/friend subscales in consideration of cultural and immigration contexts.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)E73-E81
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1 Mar 2022

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  • Asian Americans
  • Lubben Social Network Scale-6 (LSNS-6)
  • Measurement invariance
  • Social networks


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