Overview of disciplinary data sharing practices and promotion of open data in science

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The present study specifies the historical development of data sharing practices in three disciplines-oceanography, ecology, and genomics-along with the evolving progress of movements-e-Science, cyberinfrastructure, and open science-that expedite data sharing in more diverse disciplines. The review of these disciplinary data-sharing practices and the movements suggests opportunities and challenges that would serve as a basis for implementing data-sharing practices. The increasing need for large-scale and interdisciplinary research provides momentum for initiating data sharing. In addition, the development of data repositories and standards for metadata and data format facilitates data sharing. However, challenges need to be addressed, in regard to conflicting issues of patenting data, concerns about privacy and confidentiality, and informed consent that adequately enables data sharing. It is also necessary to consider the needs of the various stakeholders involved in data sharing to incentivize them to improve its impact.

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JournalScience Editing
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  • Data sharing
  • Disciplinary data sharing practices
  • Movements for open data
  • Open data
  • Open science


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