Observation of image quality for HDR micro LED display

Daeun Park, Younghoon Jeong, Young Su Moon, Yung Kyung Park

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This paper compared a high-dynamic range (HDR) micro-light-emitting diode (Micro LED) display with an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with a relatively low luminance range to determine the relationship between HDR and its factors and the effect of quality factors on the final image quality evaluation. The experimental subjects were general consumers, who evaluated images displayed on a Micro LED 4 K (110 in.) and an LCD 8 K (85 in.). The image-quality characteristics of the Micro LED reinforced texture analysis of the surface and clear image quality especially for the microscopic image group. Vividness perceptions have shown to affect all items, indicating that the increase in vividness due to the color gamut extension of Micro LED has a significant impact on the analytical evaluation of the details of an image. This study revealed that HDR is an important factor for image contrast that is comparable to the high resolution of the 8 K display. Among the currently commercialized displays, the Micro LED has the widest HDR, and clear, high-quality images are expected using this new display.

Original languageEnglish
Article number102498
StatePublished - Sep 2023

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  • HDR
  • Image quality
  • Micro LED


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