Novel modification of Marcy operation for indirect inguinal hernia reconstituting deep inguinal ring shutter action

K. Y. Chung, S. H. Song, D. Jung, A. Kim

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Purpose: The two most frequent and significant complications after inguinal hernia repair are hernia recurrence and post-herniorrhaphy chronic pain. To add anatomic and physiologic strength to the tissue repair, especially in indirect inguinal herniorrhaphy, we devised a modification of Marcy operation that can reconstitute inguinal shutter action more efficiently by changing the direction of the sutures vertical to horizontal. Methods: During 36 months from 1st Jan. 2019, 148cases of 140 patients were operated for Indirect inguinal hernia or Pantaloon hernia (11 cases). 145 indirect inguinal herniorrhaphy were performed exclusively with author’s modification of Marcy operation. Hernia recurrence during the follow-up period (3 months–36 months), and postoperative chronic pain at 3 months after herniorrhaphy were analyzed. Results: 104 cases among the 145 indirect inguinal hernia (71.7%) were operated with only deep inguinal ring (DIR) reconstruction as author modified. In 41 cases (28.3%), posterior wall reconstruction was done simultaneously. There was no recurrence or reoperation case during the follow-up period. The incidence of postoperative chronic pain at postoperative 3 months of VAS greater than 3.0 was 2.2% (3 cases). Conclusions: Author’s modification of Marcy operation was feasible anatomically in all indirect inguinal hernia repair, which is theoretically superior to classic Marcy operation in that repositioning the DIR more laterally and securing the obliquity and shutter action of the DIR. Result is at least not inferior in the aspect of short-term recurrence and chronic post-herniorrhaphy pain.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)181-190
Number of pages10
Issue number1
StatePublished - Feb 2023

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  • Deep inguinal ring
  • Indirect inguinal hernia
  • Marcy operation
  • Shutter action


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