New organic metal containing mixed donors: (ET)(MT)2(BF 4)(THF)

Dong Youn Noh, Sung Won Han, Ha Jin Lee, Dongwoon Jung, Woun Kang

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Single crystals of new organic metal, (ET)MT)2(BF 4)(THF). were electrochemically grown in an H-type cell. In the X-ray crystal structure, ET and MT donors together form a layer in ac-plane, which is stacking along b-axis alternatively with the layer formed by BF 4- and THF. Within the mixed-donor layer, MT molecules (stacking along a-axis) and ET molecules (arranged side-by-side) are almost perpendicular each other with their long in-plane molecular axes being along b-axis. ET and MT molecules within a layer are closely connected by short S . . . S interactions (3.226-3.694 Å) and achieve the2D S . . . S network. Band electronic structure calculations on this complex show that it is a 2D metal at r.t. Bands are more dispersive along the a-axis which means that electrical conductivity is possibly better along this direction. However, the Fermi surface nesting which arises in many low dimensional metals, was not found.


  • Mixed-donor
  • Organic metal
  • Two-dimensional metal


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