Multi-core vesicle nanoparticles based on vesicle fusion for delivery of chemotherapic drugs

Soon Hong Yuk, Keun Sang Oh, Heebeom Koo, Hyesung Jeon, Kwangmeyung Kim, Ick Chan Kwon

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The Pluronic nanoparticles (NPs) composed of Pluronic (F-68) and liquid polyethylene glycol (PEG, molecular wt: 400) containing docetaxel (DTX) were stabilized with the vesicle fusion. When DTX-loaded Pluronic NPs were mixed with vesicles in the aqueous medium, DTX-loaded Pluronic NPs were incorporated into vesicles to form multi-core vesicle NPs. The morphology and size distribution of multi-core vesicle NPs were observed using FE-SEM, cryo-TEM and a particle size analyzer. To apply multi-core vesicle NPs as a delivery system for DTX, a model anti-cancer drug, the release pattern of DTX was observed and the tumor growth was monitored by injecting the DTX-loaded multi-core vesicle NPs into the tail veins of tumor-bearing mice. We also evaluated the time-dependent excretion profile, in vivo biodistribution, circulation time, and tumor targeting capability of multi-core vesicle NPs using a non-invasive live animal imaging technology.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)7924-7931
Number of pages8
Issue number31
StatePublished - Nov 2011

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Funding Information:
This work was financially supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and grant from the fundamental R& D program for core technology of materials funded by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Republic of Korea .


  • Chemotherapy
  • Docetaxel
  • Drug delivery
  • Multi-core vesicle nanoparticles
  • Pluronic


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