Multi-angle liquid flow measurement using ultrasonic linear array transducer

Thi Huong Ly Nguyen, Suhyun Park

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Most ultrasonic flowmeters utilize several wedge sensors for transmission and reception. Thus, the location and alignment of the sensors are critical factors that determine the performance of the ultrasonic flowmeter. In this study, we proposed an ultrasound liquid flowmeter utilizing a 128-element linear array transducer with a transmit delay control for varying the incidence angles of ultrasound wave transmission. The performance of the flowmeter was evaluated at flow rates of 0–50 L/min in a specially designed pipe system. Flow estimation was performed with the transit-time method using cross-correlation with phase zero-crossing for sub-sample estimation. While a single plane wave approach performed invasive electromagnetic measurements with only 74% accuracy as a reference, a multiple angular compensation method with 24 angles was proposed to increase the accuracy of measurements up to 93%. This study demonstrated the capability of the non-invasive single-sided ultrasonic flowmeter with a linear array transducer for liquid flow measurements in the metal pipe system.

Original languageEnglish
Article number388
JournalSensors (Switzerland)
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2 Jan 2020

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  • Array transducer
  • Multiple angular compensation
  • Transit-time
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter


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