Lightness perception for different size displays under various surround conditions

Yung Kyung Park, Hyosun Kim, Young Jun Seo, Yoon Jung Kim

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Various surround conditions that contain veiling glare decreases the image contrast for displays by adding luminance in dark regions. We compared dark, average and bright surround conditions that has different veiling glare affecting the total perceived lightness of the displayed image. Different sizes of displays (5", 7.9', and 24") with fixed viewing angle were used to find out the viewing distance effect under different surround conditions. The context of images (natural and unnatural) was also considered as a factor for perceived lightness. For natural images, smaller displays were more sensitive for lightness alteration under bright surround than larger size displays. It is shown in our study that with having the same viewing angle, the viewing distance is a factor that affects color appearance phenomena for images under bright surround conditions. Also, the color appearance (lightness) for single color patches did not vary for different size displays under different surround conditions in the previous research. However the perceived lightness varied using images.

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