"internet gaming disorder" in China: Biomedical sickness or sociological badness?

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"Internet addiction" in China and elsewhere is considered a serious social problem. In China, some psychiatrists have claimed 10% of all Internet users - 60 million - are potentially "addicted" to the Internet. Following on the heels of the publication of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), this qualitative-based research article critically investigates the new concept Internet gaming disorder, a category recently included in the DSM-5 as a condition "warranting more clinical research and experience before it might be considered for inclusion in the main book as a formal disorder." This article takes up this challenge and responds in the following way: When we investigate the social existence of online gamers labeled Internet addicts in China, and then subject their social existence to the DSM's own definition of a mental disorder, we discover not a clearly understood mental disorder called Internet gaming disorder but more so an issue of social deviance.

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JournalGames and Culture
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StatePublished - May 2015

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  • China
  • DSM-5
  • Internet addiction
  • Internet gaming disorder
  • deviance
  • youth


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