Influence of the Noise-Canceling Technology on How We Hear Sounds

Hye Yoon Seol, Seo Hu Kim, Ga Young Kim, Mini Jo, Young Sang Cho, Sung Hwa Hong, Il Joon Moon

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Purpose: This study explores the influence of the noise-canceling technology in commercial earphones on sound pressure levels and preferred listening levels in terms of hearing protection. Materials and Methods: Thirty individuals completed puretone audiometry and real-ear measurements to assess sound pressure levels at the level of the eardrum with and without the activation of the noise-canceling function. The Knowles Electronics Manikin for Acoustic Research was used to investigate the acoustic characteristics of two environmental sounds (bus and café). Two types of earphones (wireless and wired canal type) were utilized in the study. Results: For both bus and café noises, in the low-frequency range, sound pressure levels were significantly decreased for all types of earphones when the noise-canceling function was turned on. The same results were observed for the whole frequency range. In terms of preferred listening levels, the wireless canal type and wired canal type earphones showed significant reduction in volume levels. Conclusion: The findings of the study show that for both low- and whole frequency range, the use of noise-canceling function significantly decreases the sound pressure levels of the signal for all styles of earphones, suggesting a potential of the noise-canceling technology in hearing protection.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1449
JournalHealthcare (Switzerland)
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 2022

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The study was supported by Samsung Electronics Co.

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  • hearing loss
  • noise
  • noise-induced hearing loss


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