Immunoblot analysis of a 10 kDa antigen in cyst fluid of Taenia solium metacestodes

H. J. Yang, J. Y. Chung, D. H. Yun, Y. Kong, A. Ito, L. Ma, Y. H. Liu, S. C. Lee, S. Y. Kang, S. Y. Cho

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The diagnostic value of a 10 kDa subunit of 150 kDa protein in cyst fluid (CF) of Taenia solium metacestodes was evaluated. Immunoblot analysis revealed that most sera from patients with neurocysticercosis recognized the 10kDa subunit strongly (209/217 cases, 84.6%), while a few sera from individuals with other parasitic diseases including alveolar echinococcosis (AE, 2/20, 10%) and cystic echinococcosis (CE, 2/25, 8%) showed faint reactions. Sera of cases with other parasitic diseases, especially AE and CE, exhibited cross reactions against other bands in CF. Both differential immunoblot and immunoprecipitation analyses showed that the 10kDa subunit was the most specific to cysticercosis and highly antigenic, whereas other components at 20-40, 64, 95 and 106kDa in CF were cross-reactive. IgG subclass ELISA and immunoblot demonstrated that both IgG4 and IgG1 reactions were predominant in neurocysticercosis and recognized the 10 kDa.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)483-488
Number of pages6
JournalParasite Immunology
Issue number10
StatePublished - 1998


  • Alveolar echinococcosis
  • Cyst fluid antigen
  • Cystic echinococcosis
  • Cysticercosis
  • Serodiagnosis
  • Taenia solium


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