High snow accumulation on Amundsen Sea coastal ice rise, West Antarctica

Sang Bum Hong, Yalalt Nyamgerel, Won Sang Lee, Jeonghoon Lee

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Polar snow and its accumulation preserve valuable information derived from the atmosphere on past climate and environmental changes in high resolution, particularly in coastal sites. A 2.5-m snow-pit was excavated from the coastal ice rise (Moore Dome) near Amundsen Sea region in February 2012. This study evaluated the isotopic and chemical compositions in the snow-pit and compared them with meteorological variables. Based on the seasonal peaks of the MSA and nssSO42– together with δ18O, δD, and d-excess, the snow-pit record was corresponded to accumulation during austral winter 2011 to summer 2011/2012. The annual mean accumulation rate was assumed thus to be as large as or even higher than 1.03 m w.e. yr–1 at this site. A relatively warm winter temperature in 2011 was traceable in the variations of δ18O, δD, and d-excess. This study emphasizes the importance of the high snow accumulation observed at this site in providing valuable information on sub-annual variations in climate and environmental changes through the study of longer ice cores.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)365-384
Number of pages20
JournalPolish Polar Research
Issue number4
StatePublished - 2023

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  • Antarctica
  • Bear Peninsula
  • Moore Dome
  • snow-pit


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