High-level conversion of L-lysine into 5-aminovalerate that can be used for nylon 6,5 synthesis

Si Jae Park, Young Hoon Oh, Won Noh, Hye Young Kim, Jae Ho Shin, Eun Gyo Lee, Seungwoon Lee, Yokimiko David, Mary Grace Baylon, Bong Keun Song, Jonggeon Jegal, Sang Yup Lee, Seung Hwan Lee

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L-Lysine is a potential feedstock for the production of bio-based precursors for engineering plastics. In this study, we developed a microbial process for high-level conversion of L-lysine into 5-aminovalerate (5AVA) that can be used as a monomer in nylon 6,5 synthesis. Recombinant Escherichia coli WL3110 strain expressing Pseudomonas putida delta-aminovaleramidase (DavA) and lysine 2-monooxygenase (DavB) was grown to high density in fed-batch culture and used as a whole cell catalyst. High-density E. coli WL3110 expressing DavAB, grown to an optical density at 600 nm (OD600) of 30, yielded 36.51 g/L 5AVA from 60 g/L L-lysine in 24 h. Doubling the cell density of E. coli WL3110 improved the conversion yield to 47.96 g/L 5AVA from 60 g/L of L-lysine in 24 h. 5AVA production was further improved by doubling the L-lysine concentration from 60 to 120 g/L. The highest 5AVA titer (90.59 g/L; molar yield 0.942) was obtained from 120 g/L L-lysine by E. coli WL3110 cells grown to OD600 of 60. Finally, nylon 6,5 was synthesized by bulk polymerization of ε{lunate}-caprolactam and δ-valerolactam prepared from microbially synthesized 5AVA. The hybrid system demonstrated here has promising possibilities for application in the development of industrial bio-nylon production processes. L-lysine, a feedstock for the production of bio-nylon precursors, can be converted into 5AVA by whole-cell catalytic reaction of recombinant E. coli expressing the P. putida davAB genes. This 5AVA can be further converted into δ-valerolactam to synthesize bio-nylon 6,5. The hybrid system is expected to be applicable in the development of bio-nylon production processes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1322-1328
Number of pages7
JournalBiotechnology Journal
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 2014

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  • 5-Aminovaleric acid
  • Bioconversion
  • L-Lysine
  • Nylon 6,5
  • Valerolactam


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