Fluoride ion activated CO2 sensing using sol-gel system

Yifan Liu, Dayoung Lee, Xin Zhang, Juyoung Yoon

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CO2 detection has drawn a lot of attention due to its important role in the environment and in medical diagnosis. Two amino substituted naphthalimides are reported as new anion-induced CO2 selective chemosensors. The new naphthalimides contain either a hydrazinecarbothiourea or a hydrazinecarboxylate group which served as an anion recognition site. The addition of F induced a distinct color change and a fluorescent quenching effect, which was revived by subsequent addition of CO2. The naphthalimide bearing a hydrazinecarboxylate group also served as an organo gelator, which showed a unique sol-gel transition as well as color/fluorescent changes with F and CO2.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)658-663
Number of pages6
JournalDyes and Pigments
StatePublished - 1 Apr 2017


  • CO sensor
  • Carbon dioxide chemosensor
  • Colorimetric sensor
  • Fluorescent chemosensor
  • Fluoride ion sensor


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