Fluorescent probes and bioimaging: Alkali metals, alkaline earth metals and pH

Jun Yin, Ying Hu, Juyoung Yoon

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All living species and life forms have an absolute requirement for bio-functional metals and acid-base equilibrium chemistry owing to the critical roles they play in biological processes. Hence, a great need exists for efficient methods to detect and monitor biometals and acids. In the last few years, great attention has been paid to the development of organic molecule based fluorescent chemosensors. The availability of new synthetic fluorescent probes has made fluorescence microscopy an indispensable tool for tracing biologically important molecules and in the area of clinical diagnostics. This review highlights the recent advances that have been made in the design and bioimaging applications of fluorescent probes for alkali metals and alkaline earth metal cations, including lithium, sodium and potassium, magnesium and calcium, and for pH determination within biological systems.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4619-4644
Number of pages26
JournalChemical Society Reviews
Issue number14
StatePublished - 21 Jul 2015

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