Flavonoids and aromatic compounds from the rhizomes of Zingiber zerumbet

Sik Jang Dae, Ah Reum Han, Gowooni Park, Gil Ja Jhon, Eun Kyoung Seo

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Repeated column chromatography of the CHCl3-soluble fraction of Zingiber zerumbet led to the isolation and identification of two aromatic compounds, p-hydroxybenzaldehyde (1) and vanillin (2), and six kaempferol derivatives, kaempferol-3,4′,7-O-trimethylether (3), kaempferol-3-O- methylether (4), kaempferol-3,4′-O-dimethylether (5), 4″-O- acetylafzelin (6), kaempferol-3-O-(4-O-acetyl-α-L-rhamnopyranoside)], 2″,4″- O-diacetylafzelin (7), kaempferol-3- O-(2,4-Odiacetyl- α-L-rhamnopyranoside)], and 3″,4″- O-diacetylafzelin (8), kaempferol-3-O-(3,4-Odiacetyl-α-L-rhamnopyranoside)]. The structures of 1-8 were identified by analysis of spectroscopic data as well as by comparison with published values. This is the first report on the isolation of compounds 1-3 from this plant.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)386-389
Number of pages4
JournalArchives of Pharmacal Research
Issue number4
StatePublished - 30 Apr 2004

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Funding Information:
This study was supported by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation for the National R&D Program for Enhancing R&D Infrastructure of Womens University \[R06-2002-011-01002-0(2002)\]. We are grateful to Prof. Tri Windono and Dr. Gwang-Ho Jeohn at Surabaya University,


  • Kaempferol-3,4′,7-o-trimethylether
  • Vanillin
  • Zingiber zerumbet
  • Zingiberaceae
  • p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde


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