Fabrication of polarization-dependent reflective metamaterial by focused ion beam milling

J. Kim, Y. U. Lee, Boyoung Kang, J. H. Woo, E. Y. Choi, E. S. Kim, M. Gwon, D. W. Kim, J. W. Wu

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By focused ion beam milling, we fabricated near-IR reflective metamaterials consisting of nano-aperture arrays. Optimum parameters of ion beam current and accelerating voltage in the fabrication process are obtained. Nano-apertures constituting reflective metamaterial are successfully milled, and possess a reflective resonance in the near-IR spectral range. With a double-split-ring resonator structure for the nano-aperture, the intensity reflection at resonance is rendered polarization dependent. It is found that the point group symmetry of the nano-aperture array determines the amount of anisotropy in the intensity reflection. Finite-difference time-domain simulation was adopted to identify details of nano-aperture metastructures transferred from nano-aperture patterns by the focused ion beam milling.

Original languageEnglish
Article number015306
Issue number1
StatePublished - 11 Jan 2013


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