Experimental data supporting adaptive locomotor responses to salt stress in the mud-tidal gastropod populations (Batillaria)

Phuong Thao Ho, Hoa Quynh Nguyen, Elizabeth M.A. Kern, Yong Jin Won

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This article describes the experimental locomotor data used to study the general and adaptive responses to salt stress of the northern Pacific intertidal gastropod Batillaria attramentaria. The data were obtained from a series of 30-day experiments on snails acclimated to different salinity regimes. Snails were collected from coastal areas on the eastern and western sides of the North Pacific Ocean. The data consist of three parts: 1) raw videos recording the locomotion of the snails when exposed to novel artificial salinity regimes in laboratory settings, 2) Spectral Time-Lapse results of movement distance of the snails extracted from the recorded videos, and 3) CO1-gene sequences isolated from individuals collected from four sampling sites. A Linear Mixed-effect Model inference procedure was applied in an attempt to assess the impacts of geographic distribution and genetic composition on the locomotor response to salt stress in the snail B. attramentaria. The locomotor dataset we present are the first reports of locomotor response to salt stress of the snail B. attramentaria, that is valuable for further exploration and understanding of the impacts of environmental changes on the physiology and adaptive capacity of living marine molluscs.

Original languageEnglish
Article number107113
JournalData in Brief
StatePublished - Jun 2021

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We thank our colleagues Soyeon Park, Sook-Jin Jang, Lee Bitna, and Won-Kyung Lee for their assistance in the field. This work was supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea and the Korean government, Ministry of Science, Information and Communication Technology, and Future Planning of Korea (MSIP) [NFR-2015R1A4A1041997].

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  • adaptive divergence
  • invasive species
  • locomotion
  • salinity
  • snail behavior


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