Electrochemical reduction of captured CO2: A route toward the integrated carbon capture and utilization

Seoni Kim, Hyejung Shin, Jin Soo Kang

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Influence of global warming and climate change caused by the increase of atmospheric CO2 concentration have become more distinct in recent years. There are worldwide efforts for CO2 mitigation, often categorized into carbon capture, utilization, and storage. However, large hurdles in energetics are creating demands for technological breakthroughs. Herein, we review the research progresses in combining CO2 capture and utilization processes, by electrochemical reduction of CO2 directly in the captured media. In the first part, CO2 electroreduction in amine-based sorbents, potentially targeting the point source capture, are covered with the strategies to enhance the performance in terms of energy efficiency and selectivity. Then, regarding the direct air capture of CO2 by using alkaline sorbents, advances in reduction of bicarbonate and carbonate are discussed together with the electrochemical systems design and developments.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101321
JournalCurrent Opinion in Electrochemistry
StatePublished - Aug 2023

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