Effects of Statin Treatment on the Development of Tendinopathy: A Nationwide Population-Based Cohort Study

Donghee Kwak, Seok Joo Moon, Jong Woong Park, Duk Hee Lee, Jung Il Lee

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Background: Previous longitudinal cohort studies have reported the conflicting results of the relationship between statin use and the development of tendinopathy disorder. It is unclear if there is a relationship between statin use, particularly the type or cumulative doses, and the development of tendinopathy disorder. Purpose: To investigate an association between statin treatment and the development of tendinopathy. Study Design: Cohort study; Level of evidence, 3. Methods: A total of 594,130 participants were enrolled in this study in 2002 and evaluated until 2015. There were 84,102 statin users and 168,204 nonusers (controls) selected at a ratio of 1:2 using propensity score matching analysis. The types of included tendinopathy were as follows: (1) trigger finger, (2) radial styloid tenosynovitis, (3) elbow epicondylitis, (4) rotator cuff tendinopathy, and (5) Achilles tendinitis. Cox proportional hazards models with time-varying covariates were constructed to identify the association between statin use and tendinopathy development. Results: Statin treatments regardless of statin types were associated with a significantly greater risk of all types of tendinopathy development (hazard ratio, 1.435; 95% CI, 1.411-1.460) compared with no statin treatment. A trend toward risk reduction was observed according to cumulative statin doses, which was indicated by hazard ratios of 2.337 (95% CI, 2.269-2.406), 2.210 (95% CI, 2.132-2.290), and 1.1 (95% CI, 1.098-1.146) in patients with cumulative defined daily doses of 90, 91-180, and >180, respectively. Conclusion: This nationwide population-based cohort study suggests that statin use regardless of the statin type was associated with a greater risk of tendinopathy compared with that of nonusers. The risk of tendinopathy development was diluted with the increasing cumulative defined daily dose.

Original languageEnglish
JournalOrthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 2023

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  • cohort study
  • dyslipidemia
  • statin
  • tendinitis
  • tendinopathy
  • tendon


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