Effects of Polymorphisms in Myc-Related Genes on Bleeding Complications in Patients with Stable Warfarin Responses

Jeong Yee, Woorim Kim, Byung Chul Chang, Jee Eun Chung, Kyung Eun Lee, Hye Sun Gwak

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Objectives. This study aimed to identify the possible effects of Myc and 8q24 polymorphisms on bleeding complications in patients who maintained international normalized ratio (INR) of 2.0-3.0 with warfarin therapy after cardiac valve replacement. Methods. Twenty-five single nucleotide polymorphisms were analyzed, including VKORC1, CYP2C9, Myc, and 8q24. Univariate and multivariate analyses were conducted to evaluate the associations between genetic polymorphisms and bleeding complications. Attributable risk and the number needed to genotype (NNG) were also calculated to evaluate the potential clinical value of genotyping. Results. We included 142 patients, among whom 21 experienced bleeding complications. Multivariate models showed that patients carrying the CC genotype of rs6983561 and the A allele of rs13281615 at 8q24 had 27.6- and 10.0-fold higher bleeding complications, compared with patients with the A allele and the GG genotype, respectively. For rs6983561, the attributable risk and NNG were 96.4% and 36.8, respectively, whereas, for rs13281615, the attributable risk and NNG were 90.0% and 8.3, respectively. Atrial fibrillation was associated with a 5.5-fold increased risk of bleeding complications. The AUROC value was 0.761 (95% CI 0.659-0.863, p<0.001), and the Hosmer-Lemeshow test showed that the fitness of the multivariate analysis model was satisfactory (χ 2=0.846; 3 degrees of freedom; p=0.838). Conclusions. Bleeding complications during warfarin therapy were associated with 8q24 polymorphisms and atrial fibrillation in patients with mechanical heart valves.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1813747
JournalCardiovascular Therapeutics
StatePublished - 2019

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