Differential expression of immune-associated cancer regulatory genes in low- versus high-dose-rate irradiated AKR/J mice

Suk Chul Shin, Kyung Mi Lee, Yu Mi Kang, Kwanghee Kim, Seon Ah Lim, Kwang Hee Yang, Ji Young Kim, Seon Young Nam, Hee Sun Kim

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AKR/J mice carrying leukemia viral inserts develop thymic lymphoma. Recently, we demonstrated that the incidence of thymic lymphoma was decreased when these mice were raised in a low-dose-rate γ-irradiation facility. In contrast, mice irradiated at a high-dose rate developed severe thymic lymphoma and died much earlier. To understand the genetic changes occurred by low- versus high-dose-rate γ-irradiation whole genome microarray was performed. Both groups of mice demonstrated up-regulation of Ifng, Igbp1, and IL7 in their thymuses, however, mice exposed to high-dose-rate γ-irradiation exhibited marked down-regulation of Sp3, Il15, Traf6, IL2ra, Pik3r1, and Hells. In contrast, low-dose-rate irradiated mice demonstrated up-regulation of Il15 and Jag2. These gene expression profiles imply the impaired immune signaling pathways by high-dose-rate γ-irradiation while the facilitation of anti-tumor immune responses by low-dose-rate γ-irradiation. Therefore, our data delineate common and distinct immune-associated pathways downstream of low- versus high-dose-rate irradiation in the process of cancer progression in AKR/J mice.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)358-363
Number of pages6
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 2011

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Funding Information:
This work was supported by a grant from the ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Republic of Korea and from Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co., Ltd ( 2010T100100303 ). K.-M. Lee is supported by a grant from KICOS ( K20704000007-10A0500-00710 ) and from the National Nuclear R and D program (Grant BAERI) . K. Kim is supported by K20902001448-10E0100-03010 . S.A. Lim is supported by 2010K001437.


  • AKR/J mice
  • Immune-associated genes
  • Low-dose-rate irradiation
  • Thymic lymphoma


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