Current gout treatment and flare in South Korea: Prophylactic duration associated with fewer gout flares

Hyo Jin Choi, Chan Hee Lee, Joo Hyun Lee, Bo Young Yoon, Hyoun Ah Kim, Chang Hee Suh, Sang Tae Choi, Jung Soo Song, Ho Yeon Joo, Sung Jae Choi, Ji Soo Lee, Kee Chul Shin, Han Joo Baek

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Aim: To evaluate treatment patterns and clinical factors affecting gout flare in South Korea. Methods: We retrospectively examined data from 401 patients seen at nine rheumatology multicenter clinics, under urate lowering therapy (ULT) more than 6 months after stopping prophylactic medication. Demographic data, clinical and laboratory features were collected at the initiation of ULT, upon stopping prophylaxis, and 6 months after. Results: The mean age was 52.2 years and mean disease duration was 25.0 months. The male-to-female count was 387 : 14. The most common ULT starting agent was allopurinol 83.8%. Colchicine (62.3%) was the most commonly prescribed prophylactic agent. During ULT, 134 of the 401 patients (33.4%) experienced at least one gouty attack in the period from stopping prophylaxis to 6 months later. The duration of prophylaxis was different between those with serum uric acid levels below 6 mg/dL and those over 6 mg/dL (P = 0.001). Of the 179 patients (44.6%) who attained target serum uric acid (SUA) levels (6 mg/dL) at the end of prophylaxis, those taking < 6 months of prophylaxis suffered more frequent flares than those taking it ≥ 6 months (42.9% vs. 26.3%, P = 0.041). The time interval to the first attack after stopping prophylaxis was shorter in the < 6 months group than the ≥ 6 months group (13.5 weeks vs. 22.5 weeks, P = 0.007). Conclusions: Prophylaxis more than 6 months from initiation of ULT, and achieving target SUA (< 6 mg/dL) at the time of stopping prophylaxis is associated with fewer gout flares during ULT.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)497-503
Number of pages7
JournalInternational Journal of Rheumatic Diseases
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2017

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  • flare
  • gout treatment
  • prophylactic duration
  • serum uric acid


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