Correction to: Pharmacology of natural radioprotectors (Archives of Pharmacal Research, (2018), 41, 11, (1033-1050), 10.1007/s12272-018-1083-6)

Gil Im Mun, Seoyoung Kim, Eun Choi, Cha Soon Kim, Yun Sil Lee

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we apologize that there are some errors in the references for three sentences and table 2. 1. in the section “naturally occurring radioprotectors”, the reference of the first paragraph’s last sentence should be changed from ‘(yu et al. 2003)’ to ‘(praetorius and mandal 2008)’. indeed, amifostine has several clinically relevant limitations, including (1) an administration time within a narrow window (15–30 min before ir exposure); (2) approval only for intravenous (iv) administration (praetorius and mandal 2008); and (3) high toxicity associated with undesirable side effects including nausea, vomiting, cephalalgia, and hypotension. 2. in the section “ferulic acid”, the reference of sixth sentence should be changed from ‘(srinivasan et al. 2006)’ to ‘(prasad et al. 2006)’.pretreatment of lymphocytes and hepatocytes with ferulic acid resulted in a significant decrease in dna damage and lipid peroxidation after ir exposure (prasad et al. 2006). 3. in the section “hesperidin”, the reference of fourth sentence should be changed from ‘(fardid et al. 2016)’ to ‘(hosseinimehr et al. 2009)’. additionally, hesperidin was shown to protect against genetic damage to lymphocytes induced by the radiotracer 99mtc-mibi in vitro (hosseinimehr et al. 2009). 4. in connection to these errors, the following articles should be deleted in the references section: fardid r, ghorbani z, haddadi g, behzad-behbahani a, arabsolghar r, kazemi e, okhovat ma, hosseinimehr sj (2016) effects of hesperidin as a radio-protector on apoptosis in rat peripheral blood lymphocytes after gamma radiation. j biomed phys eng 6:217–228 srinivasan m, rajendra prasad n, menon vp (2006) protective effect of curcumin on gamma-radiation induced dna damage and lipid peroxidation in cultured human lymphocytes. mutat res 611:96–103 yu z, eaton jw, persson hl (2003) the radioprotective agent, amifostine, suppresses the reactivity of intralysosomal iron. redox rep 8:347–355 5. instead, following articles should be added to the references section:hosseinimehr sj, ahmadi a, beiki d, habibi e, mahmoudzadeh a (2009) protective effects of hesperidin against genotoxicity induced by 99mtc-mibi in human cultured lymphocyte cells. nucl med biol 36:863–867 praetorius np, mandal tk (2008) alternate delivery route for amifostine as a radio-/chemo-protecting agent. j pharm pharmacol 60:809–815 prasad nr, srinivasan m, pugalendi kv, menon vp (2006) protective effect of ferulic acid on gammaradiation- induced micronuclei, dicentric aberration and lipid peroxidation in human lymphocytes. mutat res 603:129–134 6. in table 2, three references should be corrected. ‘hall and giaccia (2012)’ for caffeine should be corrected to ‘kamat et al. (2000)’. ‘farooqi and kesavan (1992)’ should be added for caffeine. ‘fardid et al. (2016)’ for hesperidin should be corrected to ‘shaban et al. (2017)’. 7. in the section “n-acetyl tryptophan glucopyranoside (natg)”, the word of first sentence should be changed from ‘bacillus subtilis’ to ‘bacillus sp. inm-1’.

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JournalArchives of Pharmacal Research
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StatePublished - 1 Feb 2020

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