Clinical significance of small colorectal adenoma less than 10mm: The KASID study

Woo Yoo Tae, Il Park Dong, Young Ho Kim, Soo Kim Hyun, Ho Kim Won, Il Kim Tae, Jong Kim Hyo, Suk Kyun Yang, Jeong Sik Byeon, Sung Lee Moon, Kwon Jung Il, Kwan Chung Moon, Sung Ae Jung, Tae Jeen Yoon, Hyun Choi Jai, Hwang Choi, Soo Han Dong, Suk Song Jae

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Background/Aims: Polypectomy is the current modality of choice to prevent benign colorectal adenoma from progressing to an invasive cancer. However, in cases of small colorectal adenoma, it remains unclear as to whether polypectomy is actually an effective treatment modality. We evaluated the clinical significance of polypectomy in cases of small colorectal adenomas, measuring less than 10mm. Methodology: All colonoscopies were performed at 11 Korean tertiary medical centers, between July 2003 and March 2004. A total of 5,996 colorectal adenomas were detected and divided into 5 groups according to their size (Group 1; 1-5mm, Group 2; 6-7mm, Group 3; 8-9mm, Group 4; 10-19mm, Group 5; more than 20mm). The term 'advanced adenoma' refers here to tubular adenomas with diameters of at least 10mm, or to tubulovillous, villous, or high-grade dysplasia, irrespective of size. 'Cancer' here is defined as the invasion of malignant cells beyond the muscularis mucosa. Results: As the sizes of the adenomas increased, the prevalence of advanced adenoma was also observed to increase. In Groups 2 and 3, the prevalence of tubulovillous or villous adenoma were higher than was expected (5.2% and 6.6%, p <0.001). Interestingly enough, in Group 2, the prevalence of cancer was at least as high as in Group 4 (0.7% vs. 0.5%, p <0.001). Conclusions: In cases of small colorectal adenomas, measuring between 6 and 9mm, the prevalence of cancer was at least as high as that seen in the cases of colorectal adenomas measuring between 10 and 19mm. Therefore, small colorectal adenomas measuring between 6 and 9mm should not be ignored, in order to decrease the prevalence of colorectal cancer.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)418-421
Number of pages4
Issue number74
StatePublished - Mar 2007


  • Advanced adenoma
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Small colorectal adenoma


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