Awareness and Perceptions of Korean Researchers on Open Access

Mikyeong Cha, Hye Sun Kim, Eun Jee Lee, Soon Hee Pyo, Wan Jong Kim

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This study aims to determine the awareness and perceptions of Korean researchers regarding mandatory open access (OA) and OA publishing of publicly-funded research papers. In July 2019, Korean researchers who had published in Science Citation Index Expanded journals as first authors and corresponding authors participated in an online survey distributed via e-mail. A total of 1,172 valid responses were collected and analyzed using SPSS 18. The results indicated that the level of awareness of OA differed significantly based on occupation and research experience (p<0.001). Although 52.56% of the respondents had experienced OA publishing, only 22.35% had self-archiving experience. Regardless of the amount of publishing cost support, researchers showed a high level of willingness to publish OA articles. Yet, since the importance of impact factor was evaluated to be very high, at present OA publication might have a limited role as a publication platform.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)68-82
Number of pages15
JournalJournal of Information Science Theory and Practice
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2022

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Despite domestic and international movements toward OA in academic research, few studies have been conducted on OA and related activities. Moreover, OA can lead to successful changes only when researchers recognize the need for it and actively participate in OA publishing. Authors’ perceptions about OA for academic research remain limited, and they deem it useful only for investigative reporting. Further studies on OA are warranted to promote the development of policies regarding OA for investigations funded by taxpayers’ money and to establish a systematic foundation for this type of access to research. Hence, this survey-based study aimed to identify the awareness and perceptions of Korean researchers regarding the obligation of OA and OA publishing in public research. We intended to provide stakeholders with feasible policy implications and methods to support OA publications for publicly-funded research. The OA publications targeted in this study refer to publicly-funded research papers.

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  • Korean researchers
  • Oa policy
  • Open access
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