Asuc_0142 of Actinobacillus succinogenes 130Z is the l-aspartate/C4-dicarboxylate exchanger DcuA

Young Bin Cho, Ji Won Park, Gottfried Unden, Ok Bin Kim

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Anaerobic bacteria often use antiporters DcuB (malate/succinate antiport) or DcuA (l-aspartate/succinate antiport) for the excretion of succinate during fumarate respiration. The rumen bacterium Actinobacillus succinogenes is able to produce large amounts of succinate by fumarate respiration, using the DcuB-type transporter DcuE for l-malate/succinate antiport. Asuc_0142 was annotated as a second DcuB-type transporter. Deletion of Asuc_0142 decreased the uptake rate for l-[14C] aspartate into A. succinogenes cells. Properties of transport by heterologously expressed Asuc_0142 were investigated in an Escherichia coli mutant deficient of anaerobic C4DC transporters. Expression of Asuc_0142 resulted in high uptake activity for l-[14C]fumarate or l-[14C]aspartate, but the former showed a strong competitive inhibition by l-aspartate. In E. coli loaded with l-[14C]aspartate, [14C]succinate or [14C]fumarate, extracellular C4DCs initiated excretion of the intracellular substrates, with a preference for l-aspartateex/succinatein or l-aspartateex/fumaratein antiport. These findings indicate that Asuc_0142 represents a DcuA-type transporter for l-aspartate uptake and l-aspartateex/C4DCin antiport, differentiating it from the DcuB-type transporter DcuE for l-malateex/succinatein antiport. Sequence analysis and predicted structural characteristics confirm structural similarity of Asuc_0142 to DcuA, and Asuc_0142 was thus re-named as DcuAAs. The bovine rumen fluid contains l-aspartate (99.6 µM), whereas fumarate and l-malate are absent. Therefore, bovine rumen colonisers depend on l-aspartate as an exog-enous substrate for fumarate respiration. A. succinogenes encodes HemG (protoporphyrinogen oxidase) and PyrD (dihydrooro-tate dehydrogenase) for haem and pyrimidine biosynthesis. The enzymes require fumarate as an electron acceptor, suggesting an essential role for l-aspartate, DcuAAs, and fumarate respiration for A. succinogenes growing in the bovine rumen.

Original languageEnglish
Article number001411
Issue number10
StatePublished - 2023

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  • Actinobacillus succinogenes
  • C4DC
  • DcuA
  • L-aspartate
  • bovine rumen


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