Artificial photosynthetic reaction center

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The objective of this chapter is to describe the recent development of model systems of the photosynthetic reaction center, which is composed of light harvesting and charge-separation units. High quantum yields and long-lived charge separation, which mimic the multi-step electron transfer processes in the photosynthetic reaction center, have been achieved by electron donor-acceptor ensembles linked by covalent bonding. During the multi-step electron transfer processes, however, a significant amount of energy is lost to attain the final long-lived charge-separated state. Simple electron donor-acceptor dyads linked by covalent or non-covalent bonding have been developed to attain a long-lived and highenergy charge-separated state without significant loss of excitation energy. More sophisticated supramolecular complexes composed of light harvesting and chargeseparation units have been readily constructed by using non-covalent bonding such as Π- Π interaction, coordination bonds, and hydrogen bonds to attain long-lived charge-separated states with a high light harvesting efficiency. Single crystal of a supramolecular complex formed between a diprotonated porphyrin and an electron donor exhibit direction-dependent photocurrent generation toward the crystallographic axis along which the intermolecular Π- Π interaction between diprotonated porphyrins is the main conduction pathway. Such single crystals of supramolecular electron donor-acceptor ensembles will pave a way to the development of molecular scale photovoltaics.

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