Anti-inflammatory role of 15-lipoxygenase contributes to the maintenance of skin integrity in mice

Sang Nam Kim, Seun Akindehin, Hyun Jung Kwon, Yeon Ho Son, Abhirup Saha, Young Suk Jung, Je Kyung Seong, Kyung Min Lim, Jong Hyuk Sung, Krishna Rao Maddipati, Yun Hee Lee

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15-lipoxygenase is involved in the generation of specialized pro-resolving lipid mediators that play essential roles in resolution and inflammatory responses. Here, we investigated anti-inflammatory role of Alox15 in skin homeostasis. We demonstrated that knockout (KO) of Alox15 led to hair loss and disrupted the structural integrity of the dorsal skin. Alox15 KO resulted in loss of hair follicle stem cells and abnormal transition of dermal adipocytes into fibroblasts. Alox15 deficiency increased infiltration of proinflammatory macrophages and upregulated proinflammatory and necroptotic signaling in dermal adipose tissue in the dorsal skin. Lipidomic analysis revealed severe loss of resolvin D2 in the dorsal skin of Alox15 KO mice compared to wild type controls. Treatment with resolvin D2 reduced skin inflammation in Alox15 KO mice. Collectively, these results indicate that Alox15-mediated production of resolvin D2 is required to maintain skin integrity by suppressing dermal inflammation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number8856
JournalScientific Reports
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1 Dec 2018

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