A case of gastric tuberculosis mimicking advanced gastric cancer

Seong Eun Kim, Ki Nam Shim, Su Jin Yoon, Sung Ae Jung, Tae Hun Kim, Kwon Yoo, Il Hwan Moon

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Tuberculosis of the stomach is quite rare, both as a primary or secondary infection. It can present as a facet of a multiorgan disease process or may result from immunodeficiency. Here, we report a rare, interesting case of gastric tuberculosis which morphologically mimicked advanced gastric cancer in a young, immunocompetent patient presenting with hematemesis and melena. The disease was diagnosed by biopsy, and responded well to antituberculosis medication without surgery. Clinicia ns must bear in mind that, even in the absence of immunodeficiency, as in this case, tuberculosis can involve any site in the gastrointestinal tract and may present with a variety of characteristics. Gastric tuberculosis should always be part of the differential diagnosis of chronic infiltrative lesions in the stomach.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)62-67
Number of pages6
JournalKorean Journal of Internal Medicine
Issue number1
StatePublished - Mar 2006


  • Gastric tuberculosis
  • Hematemesis
  • Mass


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