6 DoF aircraft simulation model capable of handling maneuver events (WIP)

Seon Han Choi, Jun Hee Lee, Sang Hyun Lee, Ho Dong Yoo, Jung Koo, Tag Con Kim

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This paper proposes an aircraft model to simulate different tactical maneuvers by handling various maneuver events in a hybrid model to develop tactic and analyze their effectiveness. The proposed model consists of a 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) model to describe high-fidelity aircraft's movement and a pilot model to effectively control the movement model. The pilot model, which includes a human factor (i.e., skills of pilot), a flight manual, and stabilizers, allows the proposed model to be more practical and effective. Through integrating a simple discrete event model to describe a tactical evasion maneuver of F-16 fighter, this paper shows the proposed model can be applied effectively in the analysis of tactics.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)386-391
Number of pages6
JournalSimulation Series
Issue number9
StatePublished - 2016
Event48th Summer Computer Simulation Conference, SCSC 2016, Part of the 2016 Summer Simulation Multi-Conference, SummerSim 2016 - Montreal, Canada
Duration: 24 Jul 201627 Jul 2016

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  • 6-DoF aircraft movement model
  • Auto pilot
  • Hybrid simulation model
  • Pid controller
  • Tactics analysis


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